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Deauville meets Deauville -  the idea behind


One day in 2002 the belgium and german Deauville-Forum discussed: "What about the idea of a meeting of Deauvilles in Deauville?"

And really: a lot of bikers have been interested! So some Deauville-Riders have been encouraged enough to start planning.


First we tried to get some contact to other European Deauville-Riders and more important: to find others who help to organize this meeting!

They have been found - and our team of organizers has been established with Erik (France), Wim (Belgium), Marcel (Netherlands) and Engelke (Germany).









Erik has been corresponding and making telephone calls with the officials and the owner of the Café de Paris in Deauville. Engelke started to establish the website, adds incoming news and tries to keep it actual.

At the end of 2002 Marcel, Wim, Erik and Engelke met in Brussels to become more concrete and to plan the further steps. In January 2003 Erik has been in Deauville for some days to find a solution for some open questions. He has been very successful so we are sure that the meeting will take part - irrespective of the numbers of participants and sponsors. In April 2003 Erik and Engelke met in Deauville to check this and that on the spot, record possible problems and remaining "homework".

We are grateful for the support we get from other Deauville-Riders, for example Michele from Italy, Alain from France, Dimitris from Greece... and from Mr. Brangbour from the Tourist Office in Deauville and Mr. Paniér, the Honda-Dealer in Trouville.

We appreciate your help - thank you all very much!

Text and pictures are taken from the website and are presented with minor changes here.