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The meeting point

In Deauville there is a central meeting point for all the time 19. - 22.06.2003, the

Café de Paris
12, Place Morny, 14800 Deauville
(Telefon: +33 / 231 / 68 31 60)

In the Café you will find an info table where you always will find one person of the "Headquarter" to answer your questions and help. Feel free to spend a drink...


There you also will find a list of participants where you please subscribe! Like this you can see which friends already arrived and we have a summary how many Deauville riders really came to Deauville.

You will get a paper with all the information you need, telephone numbers etc.    To be able to see who is a Deauville rider (for example in the evening without helmet and biker-dress or while shopping in the city) you will get a laminated nameplate to pin on your clothes with the logo, the flag of your country and place for your name - you can write it down at the info table. You also will get stickers with the logo of our meeting for free.Café de Paris is our newscenter - there will be a blackboard where you can leave and read messages, concerning tours or other activities etc.

The Café you find in the center of Deauville at a big place called Place Morny with a fountain in the middle. See the pictures below.

You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Café de Paris, drink a coffee in the afternoon or stay at the bar in the evening.  The Café has place for app. 90 persons inside, outside on the terrasse for app. 180. More information you'll find at the website of the Café de Paris.

Just in case some of the Deauville riders and friends can't find a place in Café de Paris: don't worry, there are plenty of bars and restaurants at Place Morny and close by!


Text and pictures are taken from the website and are presented with minor changes here.