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... in the evening

The experience of this great community is traditionally the main focus of each DMD.

This time we decided to deliberately have a more relaxed programme so there won´t be an official event for every evening of the meeting.

The central meeting point is the "Old Market (Alter Markt)" in Eberbach.

In fine weather, a great place with a good and affordable gastronomy. In bad weather, there are definitely enough covered restaurants around the "Old Market".

On Wednesday evening, the Mayor of Eberbach invites all participants to a reception at the Town Hall.

Before this reception, tour guides (on foot) will lead us for half an hour through the Old Town and tell us something about the City in which we are guests. Both the reception and the City tour is designed and financed by the City of Eberbach. It would be nice if most of us would participate.

This first event starts exactly at 7:30 p.m. in front of the "Karpfen". The guided tour and the reception will take place in different languages.

Thursday - evening we will meet unofficially in the inns around the "Old Market" and so we will have the opportunity to talk about the impressions of the first two days and also "Everything under the sun"

Friday - evening the "Honda-Deauville-Night" takes place at the Civic Hall of Eberbach.

The event starts at 7:00 p.m. and, aside from the obligatory dinner-buffet, we will offer you some more surprises. We will celebrate until the last person is leaving for home. During this evening we will get to know, where the DMD2018 will take place.

Saturday - evening you will have the opportunity to expand new friendships and renew the old ones. We will meet again at the "Old Market" and the surrounding inns and hotels.