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The DMD is a privately organized event.

We do not pursue commercial objectives. If at the end of the DMD 2017 there is a small surplus, the money will be handed over to the organizers of the DMD 2018. The members of the organizing DMD-team are volunteers and bear their own costs.

Obligatory participation fee

The DMD-team will be charging a small participation fee. For the DMD 2017 this will be 25€ per participant. The participation fee will finance all costs such as rent, fees for licenses, costs of this website, etc.

The participation fee must be paid for each person attending regardless of their duration of participation in the meeting.

Further possible costs

You have to pay for taking part in the "Honda Deauville Night" on Friday evening as well as for buying commemorative T-shirts of the DMD 2017.

In the Tour 1 the visit of Heidelberg Castle is provided. For entrance costs are incurred in the amount of 10€ per participant including parking costs.

Taking part in the Honda Deauville Night cost 27€ per person. With the revenues, we will finance the evening buffet, the musical entertainment, the hire of the Civic Hall and the one or two surprises.

The commemorative T-shirt to the DMD in Eberbach costs 20€ and is available in sizes XS - XXXL. It will be handed over at the info-desk on arrival in Eberbach.

Those who are interested in the T-shirt are asked to give the desired size required as part of the registration.