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The DmD 2012 Tours

The destination is Lac-d' Issarlès. The mountain municipality is located in the northwest of the department of Ardèche, the volcanic lake gives the municipality its name.

Tour lenght is about 210 km.

Le Lac-d’Issarlès

We drive on small roads. We have one or two stops (Vals les bains, Antraygues sur volane)


Lava dome Phonolite: Spring of the River Loire

We will have lunch at a restaurant . On the way back one stop at "le lac d'Issarles" and another one at "Valgorge".

We will see many different landscapes in the south of Ardèche and the highlands (over 1000 m high) where the land is not that flat and full of old volcanoes !

Nice way back through a touristic road and small villages. Better have a cold suit in your packs !

Tour 2 - Canoe.png

From Motorcycle to the Canoe!

Go to Vallon Pont d'Arc then have a ride on the river (8 kilometers) with a Canoe. Go by bike in small place like "Les vans" and around, have lunch and then go back to Vogue.

Tour lenght is about 150 km on Street

The most famous road of the region. First goes by the "Gorges de l'Ibie" then it goes all along the famous river, with "le Pont d'Arc". We will have two or three stops to see the river below because of very impressives point of view.

We will have Lunch at "St Martin d'Ardèche" or "Aigueze" then go back to Vogüe after visiting "L'Aven d'Orgnac" a very famous cave ! One hour of visiting. English / german possible. Groups by 20 people. This means the tourguides have to arrive at the same time there.

They also get by the "Rocher du Sampzon witch is a very famous point of view around south Ardèche.

Normally a hot tour ...

Tour 4 is a turn around the village by the north. Small roads, nice point of view, "Defile de Ruoms" and "Aubenas" the main city around. Then go to "Les coirons" with nice places like "Mirabel" with an old tower and another point of view around. Then we go back through the "Vallée de l'Ibie" and to Vogüe.