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Pictures from Nancy

Pictures from Bernard and Jean-Jacques

Pictures from Francis

Pictures from János

Pictures from José-Ramón

Pictures from Pavol

Pictures from Tamás

Merci Jean-Jacques.

Grazie Jean Claude

Visiting and understanding Europe and getting in touch with the region and the people is one of the most beautiful events for travellers and connects. In 2018 we sought contact with the "locals" and found a very wonderful and exemplary neighbourly commitment with the "helping hands". We are happy to support this with a donation and thus also create a bridge between the "wild" motorcyclists and the population.

From the reporting: "A generous donation from Honda tour riders ´Deauville meets Deauville´ went to the helping hands of Tarrenz in mid-June. The drivers were so enthusiastic about the honorary club that they invited Obfrau Evi Keplinger to hand over the cheque at the 1st place concert this summer season"

and further: "As an encore Katja Rauchberger, boss of the Hotel Lamm, increased the amount even further and thus also supports the purchase of medical aids."

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