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DmD 2022 - The region

Welcome to the Belgian coast

The hotel, which is located in Oostduinkerke (Koksijde), on the Belgian coast, is surrounded by dunes. Oostduinkerke lies in the western corner of Belgium. There are many beautiful cities nearby to visit, such as Bruges, Veurne, Ypres and Diksmuide which all have very nice historical centers.

While you are at the Belgian coast, you have to try a few of the local specialties. The coast is famous for it’s Babelutte butter candy, the typical Belgian waffle, pancakes, shrimp croquettes, tomate-crevette, and of course the mussels.


West Corner

The “Westhoek” (literally: Western Corner) is a distinct region in Belgium that reminds us of WW1 at every corner. However, there is much more to do than just WW1-tourism.
You can enjoy the beautiful nature while out driving the motorbike, the open fields and farmland. Even though the hills are not that high, sometimes you’ll hear a local brag about the beautiful mountains on the horizon …

Tyne cot.jpg
Tyne cot
The "Hills"

The Belgian Coast

The Belgian coast spans about 65 km and has places where the beach measures 500 meters. In some places, there are expansive dunes behind the beach, up to 2,5km wide. A few of the “seaside resorts” are certainly worth a visit, e.g. Oostduinkerke, Oostende and Westende.

The Coast


Mysteriously medieval, unabashedly Burgundian, and a metropolis for centuries. We are of course talking about Bruges, with it’s historical center that has been recognised as UNESCO World Heritage since 2000.


French Flanders - Opal Coast

At the Opal Coast, you can find the white cliffs of Cap Blanc Nez and Cap Gris Nez, the villages of Escalles, Wissant, Audinghen, Audresselles and Ambleteuse with Fort Mahon.

Cap Gris Nez en Blanc Nez.jpg
Cap Griz Nez and Cap Blanc Nez