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DmD 2023 - The region

Welcome to the Thuringian Forest

Thuringia, the green heart of Germany, is one of the most fascinating regions Germany has to offer. The Thuringian Forest is associated with many legends and myths, enchanting landscapes, well-known and lesser-known excursion destinations and, last but not least, thousands of kilometres of charming motorbike routes.

But the DMD destination 2023 also has a lot to offer in terms of history. Here lies Wartburg Castle, one of the roots of the Protestant Reformation movement, and in Mödlareuth and other places you can experience the German-German division that existed until 1990. Erfurt, the capital of this federal state, offers famous architecture of the late Middle Ages with the Cathedral Square and the Krämer Bridge, and the sausage museums in Holzhausen and Mühlhausen are part of this intangible UNESCO World Heritage Site. And who can expect a succession of reservoirs in the Thuringian Forest which, as the "Saale Cascade", make wishes come true, and not just for motorcyclists.

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Let yourself be surprised by the hearty Thuringian cuisine. Vegetarians don't have it easy here, but Thuringian dumplings, bratwurst or even a hearty vesper are a constant temptation. And you can always find a salad.

Well, come on down to Masserberg! Thuringia awaits you!