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DmD 2023 - Tours

Thuringia is a very diverse region. We will offer a total of four tours for the three days available for joint tours. This gives you the opportunity to set your own priorities for your discoveries.


Tour between East and West

Discover with us the beauty of the unique Saale river landscape. Five reservoirs. a unique ferry and "Little Berlin" in the form of the small village of Mödlareuth, through which the border between East and West ran for 44 years , are highlights of the tour. In addition, there are unique views of a beautiful piece of Germany between East and West.

Longer stop in Mödlareuth with the opportunity to visit the museum and the border installations.
In total about 280 km are waiting to be experienced by us. We will be on the road the whole day and therefore start already at 8.45 am at the latest.

100 Mödlareuth.JPG

Distance:280 km
Duration:7 hours
Difficulty:partly challenging

Bratwursttour (Sausage tour)

What is Thuringia without the famous Thuringian bratwurst? But Franconian bratwursts, which originate from part of Bavaria, are also a delicious specialty grilled on pine cones. We tour and test across Thuringia and Bavaria in search of the best bratwurst. In between there is a stop at the worth seeing borderland museum in Behrungen. After a satisfying 218 km we reach our tour hotel in Masserberg again.

Note: We reach the first bratwurst test station about an hour after departure. Therefore it is recommended not to have too much breakfast.

Departure for the tour from 9.30 am.


Distance:220 km
Duration:5 hours
Difficulty:easy for the pilot   
demanding for the stomach



Thuringian Forest intensive

We start in Masserberg and immediately enjoy the winding roads across the Rennsteig to the "Großer Beerberg". From a parking lot we marvel at the ski jumps at the Kanzlersgrund of Oberhof and take the first break in a hotel, which is housed in an old monastery. Through many curves we then continue to the Trusetaler waterfall.

From here we go up to the "Großer Inselsberg" with its great view. After we have seen everything, but the stomach still needs a strengthening, it goes down from the mountain and over countless curves to one of the best bratwurst stalls in Thuringia.

Here another stop to then through typical villages of the Thuringian Forest after about 240 km back in Masserberg to arrive.


Distance:239 km
Duration:4,5 hours

History of Weimar and a cabriolet mountain railroad

Thuringia not only has a lot of landscape to offer. With Weimar there is a cultural gem to discover, which also attracted the famous German poets Goethe and Schiller. After a tour of the famous old town, we visit the two gentlemen at the Goethe/Schiller monument. After exactly two hours we continue, not least the parking time is then expired. After a short drive we reach the Hase snack bar in Magdala. Many swear that there is the best Thuringian bratwurst here. After this refreshment, we pass a moated castle and head to Oberweißbach. Here the most famous cable car in Thuringia awaits us. If the weather is nice, a ride on the convertible car is a real experience. Who wants to ride, takes the time. Those who want to go back can start their journey home early in consultation with the tour guide.
From Oberweißbach it is only 32 km over ups and downs. Then the hotel in Masserberg is reached again after 195 exciting kilometers.

057 Goethe und Schiller.JPG
064 Schoss Kochberg.JPG
31 Wagen 1.JPG
K1024_36 Cabrio Aufsetzwagen.JPG

Distance:195 km
Duration: 4 hours

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