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DmD 2024 - Tours

The 3 routes of the DmD 2024 run between Madrid and Guadalajara. It is a mixture of imperial cities such as Aranjuez and Chinchón in Madrid (Tour A), modest villages of black architecture in the beautiful Sierra del Ocejón in Guadalajara (Tour B) or a route full of castles through La Alcarria and the Lavender fields of Brihuega to Sigüenza (Tour C).

You just have to choose the order. When making your choice, please note that there is only space for 20 motorbikes per tour and day on tours A, B and C.

This year the City Council of Alcalá de Henares offers us a free guided walking tour, which becomes our Tour D. If you are interested, please select tour D, either in English or Spanish, in the registration form

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Old and Monumental Madrid

We will first visit the viewpoint of Los Santos de la Humosa, from where we will be able to see a magnificent panoramic view of the Henares Basin with Madrid City and the Sierra in the background. We will continue along winding back roads to Pastrana where we can park in the Plaza de la Hora, in front of the Palace of the Princess of Eboli, to make a coffee and toilet stop.
Then we will go through the Vega del Tajuña to Chinchón, where we can park our motorcycles in its beautiful Plaza Mayor, which was formerly a bullring. There we will have a small guided tour to continue later accompanying the Tagus River to its entrance in Aranjuez, where we have a reserved parking area.
In Aranjuez there is the possibility of making a complete visit by riding a tourist train that lasts 45 minutes. Afterwards we will access the restaurant area where we can eat at approximately 1:30 pm, with a wide variety of options, including the menu of the day for about €15.
From Aranjuez we will return using the A4 and M 50 expressways, to Mejorada del Campo, where we will visit the Cathedral of Justo, a popular Cathedral, built by a single man with the remains of construction materials that were donated to him.
From there we have a short drive to the hotel.

02 Tour A Pastrana_02.jpg
04 Tour A Aranjuez_01.jpg

Distance:220 km
Duration:7 h 30 min
Driving:3 h 50 min
Max:20 Bikes

Villages of Black Architecture

We will use the A2 highway to get quickly to Guadalajara, then along the secondary roads CM-1008 and CM-101 to Humanes and finally along the CM-1001 to Cogolludo where we will park in its main square. There we will make the first stop for coffee and toilet and a guided visit to the “Palacio de los Duques de Medinaceli” before entering mountain terrain.
From Cogolludo, along the road CM-1001 to Hiendelaencina and then, using mountain roads GU-147, GU-151, CM-1006 and GU-211, we will reach Valverde de los Arroyos, which is the most famous village of black architecture. There we will make a visit to the Village and to the Bar.
From Valverde, we will go down a beautiful curvy road (GU-211) to Tamajón, where we will have the possibility to have lunch at around 1:30 p.m. There is a menu of the day agreed with a restaurant.
At 3:00 p.m. we’ll begin our return using GU-143 through Arbancón, Cogolludo, Humanes, Guadalajara and along the A2 to our Hotel in Alcalá de Henares. Not without refueling in a close petrol station.

02 Tour B Umbralejo 02.jpg
04 Tour B Umbralejo 04 (Ruben).jpg

Distance:257 km
Duration:7 h 35 min
Driving:3 h 55 min
Difficulty:medium to challenging
Max:20 Bikes



Castles, La Alcarria and Lavender Fields

We will depart on the A2 motorway until we reach Torija, where we can park in the Plaza del Castillo. We will make a brief visit to this castle and then continue along the secondary road CM-2011 to Brihuega. In Brihuega, after parking in the Town Hall square, we will have a guided tour offered by the Town Hall itself.
From there we will continue along the CM2011, following the Tajuña valley upstream to Civica, a curious enclave, worth seeing and taking some photos.
We will continue along the CM2011 road until we join the N204, which we will take to the left to reach through Campos de Lavanda, again to the A2. We'll drive a few kilometres along the A2 to save time and be able to access the Dulce River gorge via the GU-118 where we'll stop at the viewpoint of Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente, the famous Spanish naturalist. From there we will access Sigüenza in 9 km, where we can park in the town hall square in front of the cathedral.
In Sigüenza we have a guided tour that includes the cathedral and then we can eat at 1:30 p.m. on a terrace in front of the cathedral itself with magnificent views, a menu of the day for 15€.
On the way back, we'll go around the castle of Jadraque to reach Hita, where we'll go up to the Plaza Mayor with the possibility of taking a short coffee break. From there, we will return along the CM-1003 back to the A2, near Guadalajara, to return directly to the Hotel in Alcalá de Henares. Not without refueling in a close petrol station.

02 Tour C SigБenza-02.jpg
05 Tour C SigБenza-05.jpg

Distance:236 km
Duration:7 h 15 min
Driving:3 h 05 min
Max:20 Bikes

Free Guided walking tour of Alcalá

Get to know the most famous and popular corners of Alcalá de Henares. A World Heritage city that will not leave visitors indifferent and that will make you fall in love with its mixture of cultures, heritage and cultural and gastronomic offer.
The tourist office offers us up to 30 places per day for a free guided walking Tour that starts at 10:00 am at La Casa de la Entrevista (Calle San Juan, 2, 28801 Alcalá de Henares). We have to decide and communicate a week before, which days in English, which days in Spanish (only one language per visit), to assign the suitable Guide exclusively for us, and the number of people attending the visit.

Please sign up if you are interested, so we can comply with these conditions.


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