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Welcome to Rieti

Capital of the province of Sabina (territory of the North East of Lazio), the city Rieti stands on a hill next to the Velino river, in a basin between the Reatini Mountains and the Sabine Mountains, at the foot of the Terminillo mountain system (mountain resort and ski resort).

Of very ancient origins, it was the birthplace of Marcus Terentius Varrone who identified Rieti as the navel of Italy ("medius totae Italiae"). Over the centuries, it was the protagonist of several historical events (especially struggles between the Papacy and the Empire); in the Middle Ages, it was also a free Commune.

The historic centre, in the middle of a municipal area made up of dozens of important and picturesque hamlets, is located within an imposing circle of fortified medieval walls. Inside this large village, well preserved, there are a large number of civil and religious buildings and squares of great historical and artistic value, representing all eras from the Roman era to the last centuries.

The Town Hall (Library and large Civic Museum), the Dosi, Vincentini, Vincenti, Mareri Palaces and other countless residences of noble families, important churches (from the Cathedral to dozens of other artistically remarkable churches and chapels) make Rieti a center of considerable tourist interest.

The province of Rieti is rich in mountains and lakes and there you can find springs of sulphurous and ferruginous waters already known to the Romans, who built numerous thermal buildings there. The territory preserves an agricultural and food and wine tradition, such as that of Sabina EVO Oil, one of the Lazio excellences with the "Dop" brand. The production of oil has a very ancient history, as evidenced by numerous documents by the historian Strabone (63 BC – 21 AD), who described Sabina as "extraordinarily rich in olive trees", and by the scholar Varrone (116 - 27 BC).

The surrounding areas are also dotted with historic convents, starting with the most famous Franciscan ones (Greccio, Poggio Bustone, Fonte Colombo and Santuario della Foresta), founded by St. Francis of Assisi in the thirteenth century.

Looking forward to see you in Rieti!

(C) by Marco Guadagnoli
(C) by Marco Guadagnoli
(C) by Roberto_Barone_ph
(C) by Alessandro Blasi
(C) by Raimundo Pastor

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