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DmD 2024 - The region

Welcome to Alcalá de Henares

Alcalá de Henares, the city that saw the birth of Miguel de Cervantes in 1547, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO on December the 2nd, 1998. It is located in the Community of Madrid 30 km away from the capital city. The city is full of historical sights and attractions that can be visited just walking from the Hotel, beginning by the Calle Mayor, the longest porticoed street in Spain, the Medieval Quarter, the University Quarter and the Christian, Jewish and Muslim Quarters. The urban history of Alcalá starts from the Roman times on under the name of Complutum. The archeological site ‘Roman city of Complutum and House Of Hippolytus’ can be freely or guided visited.

A beautiful webpage with downloadable tourist guides in several languages and references to local tourist enterprises can be found at:

But the Region, in the border of the Alcarria, where Don Quijote and Sancho Panza passed most of their adventures, has many other interesting things to offer. Cities like Hita, Chinchón, Pastrana, Aranjuez, Toledo or even Madrid. Also beautiful landscapes in the north-east sierra of Madrid and Guadalajara, like the ‘Tejera negra’ villages, the ‘Hayedo (Beech Wood) de Montejo’, the ‘Muralla China’ bridge and many more.

Nothing to say about the gastronomy: at the Calle Mayor (Mayor Street) and its surroundings we can find a huge, high quality, gastronomic variety, mostly of Castillian cuisine. But if you want to try some typical Spanish tapas, you cannot miss getting lost in the wide range of bars of the city centre.

Well, come on down to Spain!

Alcalá de Henares awaits you!

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