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Registration to the DmD 2021


  • As always this year's meeting "Deauville-meets-Deauville" 2021 is again being organized on a purely private basis organization of friends for friends.
  • This means, that every participant takes part at his/her own risk.
  • The organizing team is not responsible for any problems, but of course will try to help where it is possible.
  • This disclaimer applies also for organized tours and all events throughout the whole meeting.

With his/her registration, each participant accepts these conditions.

Hints for the chargeable offers:

  • The participation fee includes all costs such as rent, fees for licenses, costs of this website, etc.
  • The fee for the Honda Deauville Night includes the evening meal and the musical entertainment. Drinks are not included.

Hints for cancellation:

  • In case of cancellation before 15/03/2021 all DmD payments and Poloshirt fess will be reimbursed, no Poloshirt will be sent. This may not include the accomodation fee for the hotel.
  • In case of cancellation up to 25/04/2021 Poloshirt fee, will be reimbursed, no Poloshirt will be sent.
  • In case of cancellation after 25/04/2021, unfortunately, no refund is possible. Ordered Poloshirts will be sent by post.

We apologize for these conditions, but as a private group there is no way we can accept uncovered costs.

Please note the separate cancellation conditions for the hotels!

Hints for the money transfer

  • Please make sure that any fees are paid by you and are not at the expense of the organizers, please check with the bank.

Please login to see the link to the registration form.