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The DMD-region 2017 is characterized by many rivers, mountains and the forest. The Odenwald rises to 626 meters and fascinates by the hilly and the climatically favored location. Heidelberg, the old university town with the world famous castle is the gateway into both the Neckar valley and to the Odenwald.


The region is rural. There are many small villages and towns, looking, as if time has stood still.

Very twisty and low-traffic roads, ideal for motorcycling, lead to these villages.

In this region the people are very down to earth and long-established.

This also applies to the local food specialties. Gastronomic examples: "Apfelwein (special kind of cider)", "Handkäs' with music (special kind of cheese)" or hearty specialties of pork and beef.

It is a special experience to ride on the former hillclimb race tracks in the region. Until the 50s the Odenwald-region was a center of hillclimb racing in Germany. Unfortunately, many of these former racetracks are now banned for motorcycles on public holidays and weekends.

When riding over these routes you have to be careful, as not only some boars may cross the road, but also many riders of superbikes explore the limits of their riding skills and sometimes, unfortunately, they exceed these limits.


If you are interested in technology and its history, you are well catered for in the Odenwald-region. The museums in Sinsheim, Speyer, Mannheim or Neckarsulm are more than just museums. In these museums the history of technology and especially motorcycle history will become a special experience.

(C) Detlev Mü

In the Car & Technology Museum Sinsheim Concorde and Ilyushin are standing only a few meters apart and can be viewed from the inside.

It is also a special experience, to cruise by ship down the Neckar from Eberbach to Hirschhorn, Neckarsteinach or Heidelberg.

(C) Ralph-Thomas Kü

Whatever you like -  you will find it here!