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DmD 2016: The Tours

Mountains, lakes and waterfalls

This tour brings us to discover the hinterlands of the regions Lazio and Umbria, driving into the nature which characterizes this part of Italy.

We will see the waterfall called “Cascata delle Marmore”, one of the highest in Europe, with its 165 meters divided into three jumps, the first one of which is 120 mt. high. This waterfall is not natural, but it was built in 271 b.C. by the roman consul Mario Curio Dentato with the purpose of reclaim the level ground around Rieti, at that time a swamp.

After the waterfall we will climb towards Terminillo, one of the main peaks of Appennini, 2217 meters high. Terminillo is called “The mountain of Rome” because of the short distance from the Capital (about 100 km) and it is a famous ski area in the center of Italy.

Once down from Terminillo we will pass through the city of Rieti, called “Center of Italy”, because it is located in the center of the italian peninsula and we will drive towards the lake called “Lago del Turano”, one of the two artificial lakes built in 1939, connected to the close “Lago del Salto” by an underwater tunnel 9 Km. long The water of the two lakes now it is used to feed an hydroelectric power station located near “cascata delle Marmore”. From Lago del Turano we will go back to Rome.

This tour can be interesting for who wants to go out of the city for a day, drive inside the nature and see this piece of Italy, which is not normally seen during the normal touristic tours.

This tour is quite long (circa 360 Km) and who wants to participate mast be aware that he will have to drive for several hours. We consider to leave the hotel at 8 a.m. and come back around 6:30 p.m.

During the tour we have foreseen some stops in the main places we will visit, plus lunch and coffee breaks.

In total there we will spend about 6,5 hours driving and 4 hours resting, the longest segment will be 100 km and 1,5 hour driving, like explained in the table below.

Since this tour requires almost the whole day it will take place on Thursday and Friday only

Ostia Antica

The Tour B first of all will take us to visit the acheological site of Ostia Antica one of the most important sites of the ancient Rome, founded in the IV century b.c. as military camp and developed during the imperial age as harbour commercial center strictly linked to the wheat supply to the Capital.


We will have the possibility to spend the morning visiting this place perhaps with the help of a tour guide.

Who wants can have the lunch at the cafeteria inside the site.




After the lunch we will go on the seafront road towards Anzio and Nettuno

We will enter with our bikes the American Monumental Cemetery where we will have a guided tour and a 45 minutes stop.

Then we will leave for a visit to Nettuno with a stop near the harbour. Then back to the hotel.


Castelli Romani

The castles tour is a tour that includes an early morning visit to the villa of Masenzio, to the Mausoleum of Cecilia Medella and to the Catacombs of San Sebastiano.

We will continue to Albano Lake, also called Lake of Castel Gandolfo, where we will make a refreshment stop in the inns on the lake side. Who wants can have the lunch. Then go up to Monte Cavo, where you can have the view from the top of the two lakes of Albano and Nemi.

Then we will visit the fields of Hannibal where it is said that Annibale and his elephants stopped in their descent to Rome and going back to the Hotel in passing through the Pope's summer residence of Castel Gandolfo.

In the traffic of Rome

The tour inside the traffic of Rome is a discovery tour of the monuments of Rome.


Rome at night

Rome in the night with the motorcycle sounds like a crazy idea - but why not. Seeing the interesting buildings in a different light, have a tasty ice cream in the best ice-cream parlour and a fantastic view over an illuminated city in the dark may be charming.

Special tour with Clemens

A nice tour through the mountains with the final destination Tivoli and a visit in the Villa d'Este.