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Deauville meets Deauville 2005 goes to Riegel

The third "Deauville meets Deauville" in 2005 was from June, 09 till June, 12 in Riegel, a small city in the southern part of Germany in the Rhine valley and near the border to France. This was the first DmD with tours in two countries, France and Germany.

Walter from Tutlingen has done a great job in planning the tours.

The tour in the Alsace should tour not only one motorcycle is. One central point of the tour, the Fort Linge. A fort from the 1. World war. At this point, all participants met to remember about the victims.

The other tour are going thru the Black Forest (German Schwarzwald)

CC License, (C) Dr. Eugen Lehle

Around 260 participants from 13 countries met in Riegel. The long Trips to Riegel (one way more than 2.000 km)

  • Konstantinus from Patras
  • George from Athens
  • Fragiskos Athens
  • Constantin from Bucharest
  • Eija and Keimo from Helsinki
  • Mark from Orkney.