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DmD 2003 - The Agenda

There are mainly three topics on the agenda

  • Event at saturday, 21.06.2003
  • Photo of the group
  • Tour(s)

Our evening on saturday, 21.06.2003

We will spend the saturday evening all together at Place Morny and in the Café de Paris.

We will start at about 18 h - just come to Place Morny and have a drink with us!

Who feels hungry just goes for dinner to Café de Paris (or just in case there is not enough place: in one of the Bistros in the surroundings) - where everybody can practice foreign languages while trying to understand the other "international" Deauville-Bikers ...


Photo of our group

The coming together for making photos of our group on a suitable place will be on

Saturday 21.06. at 16:00 h

We plan our "photo-parking" at P3, a public parking place at the end of Quai de la Touque.
You will get the latest information in the Café de Paris - there we will tell you where and when we will meet to make these photos. Until then it is valid: P3, see above.

Probably there will not be ONE photo of the group - how can we take ONE picture of about 100 Deauvilles - without crane???

It just will be the opportunity for all to take pictures of a high concentration of Deauville-bikes, the international number plates etc. See the section Pictures within the website.



We leave it to you to organize your tours yourself - every biker or group is responsible for him-/her-/itself.

Our proposal - more a sightseeing - is the road along the cost, prefering direction east, Le Havre. And you should visit Honfleur - a nice little town with habour - a dream!

Also we beg you to take care yourself if you want to see points of interest etc. The internet - see Links - gives a lot of information! Maybe we will find the time to work on roadbooks - which you would find on this website.

As a departure point for tours you can choose one of the parking places around Bassin Morny, prefering P2 or P3, or the little parking place in front of the BP Petrol station.


A little bit more far away and not so crowded will be Touque with its commercial district (with Mc Donalds, Buffalo Grill etc.). There - in Rue Aristide Briand, beginning at the roundabout traffic at the beginning of Touque - is a do-it-yourself carwash called L'Éléphant bleu.


Text and pictures are taken from the website and are presented with minor changes here.