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DmD 2021 in Saint Nectaire

The organizing team made their decision with great sadness and reluctance: *DmD2021 will not take place*.

Here are the reasons that forced us to make this choice:

  • up to now, French law limits any public gathering to groups of a maximum of 6 people, and this until June 1, 2021. There is a high probability that this will be repeated for 6 months. - sanitary and traffic conditions in Europe are not improving.
  • the hosts cannot receive us under the usual conditions of reception because of the compulsory health measures in France.
  • the festive evening at the Casino de Saint Nectaire can no longer take place because the establishment has filed for bankruptcy (definitive closure)
  • the possibilities of accommodation and catering in France are very uncertain for those who have to come in several stages or from abroad.

The financial consequences:

  • the sums received by the organization for your participation will be reimbursed in full (participation in the DmD, festive evening, t-shirt).
    For that, thank you for writing to , indicating your IBAN and BIC. We will reimburse you as soon as possible.
  • The Mercure, the Regina and the "La cle des Champs" campsite have been notified of the cancellation of DmD2021. French law (order 2020-315 of March 2020 and updated in April 2021) requires them to offer you either a refund or a credit note that will be refunded to you at the end of the period if you have not used it.

Whatever your reservation is, you may:

  • request reimbursement,
  • request a voucher,
  • can ask to change your dates of stay,
  • show up on the dates reserved and use your reservation.

If you have booked at the Mercure hotel :

  • The voucher will expire on September 30, 2022. If you use it before then, no worries. If you decide to stay longer than what you can afford,
    The hotel offers a "DMD friendly" rate for the extra night of € 80 for 1 person, € 85 for 2. Breakfasts are included. Remember to book 1 month in advance.
    If it is not used, it will be refunded to you on the expiry date.
  • The reimbursement (without voucher) will be made no later than the end of September 2021, in accordance with the french order of 2020-315.
  • You must make your request by sending an email to h1814-sbaccorcom, attach an IBAN and BIC.

If you have booked at the Regina hotel :

  • The voucher will expire on September 30, 2022 and can be used until that date in the establishment if you wish. If it is not used, it will be refunded to you on the expiry date.
  • The reimbursement (without voucher) will be effective at the end of
  • September 2021 at the latest, in accordance with the french order 2020-315.Contact them at ,attach an IBAN and BIC.

If you have booked at the "La cle des Champs" campsite :

  • Contact them directly, by e-mail at

Be aware: The campsite owner has not responded positively to our requests for a
full refund of the sums collected, in accordance with the french order
2020-315 which should normally apply, but this remains legally
complicated. We are doing our best to get more reimbursement from him.

**** If you have paid with your credit card, you may have to operate
your "cancellation" insurance if you have not taken out the campsite
cancellation insurance ****
It will be a matter of negotiation between the campsite and you.

You have booked with another accomodation :

  • Contact your host directly to obtain, in accordance with the french order 2020-315, a credit or a full refund.

If you decide to come despite the situation, you will not be alone because we know that some of you will come anyway. You will not lose money or be able to use your assets. You will have at your disposal the

GPX routes that have been set up by the team on the Dmd site and of course we remain available to help you during your stay.

In case of difficulty, do not hesitate to contact us, so that we can help you in the steps to follow.

The DmD2021 team is definitely handing over to the DmD2022 team. You will find information on the site shortlyhere or on the Facebook page

We would like to thank all those registered for their support and for wanting to visit us in France. A special thank you to the webmaster Peter and to the volunteers who offered us invaluable help to prepare and animate DmD2021.

We wish you an excellent continuation and hope to see you again soon!
Take care and stay safe !.


L'Orga-Team DMD 2021 St nectaire
Alain, Jean-Pierre, Jean-Luc, Bernard